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This clown show creates an environment of excitement and friendliness for children and adults’ alike and makes children feel accepted and loved by the friendly clown. There will be lots of fun magic, juggling, balloons, skit, and interaction with the children at the Clown show which is adjusted to the children’s age. Here are the package details: 1) Clown magic show with balloon fun and juggling for 15-30 minutes 2) Balloon sculpting 3) 2-4 games depending on the age and mood of children


Bring a cool party truck to your child's birthday party that comes right to your doorstep with cakes, party decorations, music and more. The crew will take care of everything from setting up your birthday cake and decor and cleaning up after the party and carting it all away.We can custom design a food package We can custom design a birthday theme We can also offer custom made products such as: Cupcakes, Tarts, Fudge brownies, Choco waffers, Cake pops, Cheese cake bites, Marshmallows, Choco-Lolipops, Cookies, Tea cakes, etc


This multi-talented artist has been entertaining children since 14 long years. There will be lots of fun with magic, juggling, games, mimicry and ventriloquism. Here are the package details: 1) Magic show with fun tricks 2) Juggling 3) Mimicry for kids 4) ventriloquism for kids 5) Games for both kids and adults